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Kevin Durant Responds To NBA Fan: 'Man Wants Me To Go Rucker Park Every Game. Bro This Is The NBA Lol... Strategy Is Involved'


Kevin Durant is back at it on Twitter, calling out fans for their comments about him. The Brooklyn Nets superstar is one of the most active players on social media, and he doesn't miss his chances to diss those that try to bring him down. 

In recent hours, he stepped in to talk about his style of play and why the NBA is very different from playing at the park with your friends. It all started when somebody said Durant and Anthony Davis were very similar in not knowing that they're outstanding players. 

That sparked a little debate on who settles the more, and the 2x NBA champion took notice of that, showing up to explain that things are very different in the association. 

"Mans want me to go Rucker park every game. Bro this the nba lol...strategy is involved," he tweeted on Tuesday night. 

We all want to see KD take over every single game, but that's not how things work in the NBA. You have four more players on his team and have five trying to stop him on the rival squad. 

He can be a menace in one-on-one and one of the greatest scorers of all time, but he can't win every single game by himself. Sometimes, NBA fans think these guys can be dominant all the time, which is not possible. 

You need more than one man on a mission to unlock defenses and win games. As KD said, this is not Rucker Park, where he once went for 66.