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Kevin Durant Responds To NBA Fan Saying Fans Should Bring Flares To Games Like Euro League Fans: “Bring A Flare To An NBA Game If You Want And You Might Be In Rikers.”

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After being eliminated from the NBA playoffs in the first round by the Boston Celtics, Kevin Durant has taken a break from the league. But that doesn't mean that Durant has taken a reprieve from basketball.

Kevin Durant has made appearances at EuroLeague games recently to show his support for his friend Mike James, but also to catch some incredible basketball. Durant recently captured the environment in Greece, something that caught the attention of many NBA fans.

Kevin Durant shared a video on Twitter of the atmosphere from the playoff game between Olympiacos and Monaco. There were a lot of rabid fans, several of whom were armed with flares. 

One NBA fan noted that fans in the league should do the same, to which Durant had an amusing response, stating that fans bringing flares to NBA games would end up in prison.

Fan: I'd like to see any NBA fanbase rival the EuroLeague fan base

Kevin Durant: Bring a flare to an nba game if you want and you might be in rikers

Kevin Durant was booed by fans at the game, mostly because he has been vocal about his support for Monaco, Olympiacos' rivals, and the team that Durant's friend Mike James is currently representing.

Durant laughed off the boos, something he must be familiar with considering the environment he faced when he and the Nets played against the Boston Celtics a few weeks ago.

KD will shift his focus to the next season when he returns to the United States. 

After the embarrassing playoff exit for Durant and the Nets, he will want to redeem himself and prove that he can win an NBA championship without Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. KD's legacy has been put into question, something he will want to dismiss as soon as he gets the chance.