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Kevin Durant Reveals The 5 Players’ Highlights He’d Watch For The Rest Of His Life

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest players to ever set foot on an NBA hardwood. He's skilled, talented, and one of the hardest working guys you'll ever see.

Obviously, besides his incredible talent, he's had to work his heart off and spend countless hours in the gym and film room to mold his game.

Durant has a rare combination of skills so it's obvious he's molded his game to some of the former greats of the NBA. That's why Bleacher Report asked him:

"If you could only watch basketball highlights of five players forever, who are the players?

“Kobe, Mike… Damn, that’s tough. Shaq, Magic and Bron. If I couldn’t watch anyone else, and I just had to watch those five, I think I’d be good the rest of my life,” Durant replied.

Honestly, Durant couldn't go wrong with either of his choices. He's got a little bit of all those players on his game and you can tell that by simply watching him play.

He's got that Kobe and Jordan footwork, Shaq's size and touch below the rim, LeBron's basketball IQ and Magic's ability to run the point despite being vastly oversized.

And now that he's got a lot of spare time while he's rehabbing his Achilles injury, he's definitely spent a lot of hours studying film to come back better than ever.