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Kevin Durant Reveals What His Main Priority Will Be In Free Agency


It’s the summer of Kevin Durant, and everyone has their own theories about where he might be headed. This July, most have a feeling Durant might leave because he’s already done all he can with the Warriors. Next season, people say, he’ll desire a new challenge, one he can’t get in Golden State.

Plus, with all of the drama surrounding the team this year, it appears the team isn’t as peaceful as it once was.

Despite those ideas, Durant won’t be prioritizing any of that this summer. As he puts it, it’ll be about “playing basketball and stacking money.”

“I just want to make sure I get as much money as possible on my next deal so I can stack up my money and figure it out,” Durant told Yahoo! Sports’ Chris Haynes. “That’s just the plan, play basketball and stack money.”

True, only the Warriors can offer Durant a five-year, $221 million supermax contract. But with Klay Thompson also hitting the market (and expecting his share of the dough) things get a little more interesting.

To pay Steph, Klay, and Durant the max would amount to an impossibly high luxury tax bill. The Warriors would either have to somehow pay that, convince one of the stars to take a major pay cut, or just let one of them go.

Looks like some choices need to be made in Golden State. If they want to keep Durant, whatever they chose, they’ll have to make sure that choice involves giving him all the money they can.