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Kevin Durant Reveals Why He Joined The Warriors: "I Wanted To Be Around More Players That Played Like Me"

Kevin Durant Reveals Why He Joined The Warriors: "I Wanted To Be Around More Players That Played Like Me"

Kevin Durant's move to the Golden State Warriors is still one of the most controversial in NBA history. One could say a lot of people in Oklahoma City haven't forgiven him for leaving the team in 2016.

KD was playing terrific basketball, leading his team to do big things, one game away from reaching the NBA Finals for the second time in his career before the Golden State Warriors pulled off a 3-1 comeback and beat them in 7 games.

Following that campaign, KD joined the Warriors, the team that beat him the last year, raising a lot of eyebrows around the league. Four years later, that move is still discussed in NBA circles and the player itself had to talk about it recently, during an appearance on "The Corp with A-Rod and Big Cat". Durant revealed he wanted to be with players who played similarly to him, which is why the Warriors seemed like the perfect choice (10:00 minute mark).

"I felt in OKC, we had a lot of athletes on the floor and I was one of the main guys that was accounted for to be a skilled player which is make threes…create plays. I wanted to be around more players that played like me,” Durant explained.

“You know, in Golden State, you had Steph Curry who could shoot. You had Klay Thompson who can shoot and make plays. Andre Iguodala, who was a do-everything forward and Draymond Green as well,” he added.

“Our talents meshed together, and I felt like my game was going to take the next step if I was playing around some players like that.”

Well, KD is right that their talents really worked well together and the Dubs went to win two consecutive champions in three straight NBA Finals. Some people believed they were going to three-peat if KD and Klay Thompson didn't get hurt last year, in front of the Toronto Raptors.

That was the last time we saw Kevin Durant with a Warriors jersey since he joined the Brooklyn Nets in the summer of 2019 to team up with Kyrie Irving and De'Andre Jordan. It was a successful journey for KD in terms of titles and individual trophies, but he didn't leave the team the best way.