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Kevin Durant Says He Does Not Care About Becoming The GOAT



Call it a case of Twitter fingers, or maybe just extra free time, but Kevin Durant's recent social media craze has taken over the internet lately. Recent comments by the star are not only being debated by fans online but also by stars and analysts on tv.

One of his latest posts includes his very interesting take on GOAT talk -- to which the 2x Finals MVP says he has aspirations for.

He starts off by arguing the "GOAT" title as pointless because, after all, it will never be a consensus. He finishes by hinting he might not even care about the title at all.

According to Durant, being the greatest is not what drives him. And while we should take his word for it, his actions on and off the court seem to contradict that view.

He went to Golden State to win and argues with those who criticize his game. Heck, even his former coach stated, at one point, that he thought Durant wanted recognition as the best in the world.

"I think Kevin wants to be recognized as the best player in the world," Kerr told Sporting News in May of this past spring. "And I happen to think he is."

At one point, it seems KD wanted to prove he was the best in the league -- to stop being number 2. If that's true, how can he also not care about being the GOAT?