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Kevin Durant Says He Has "Never Choked" At The End Of A Game

(via Golden State of Mind)

(via Golden State of Mind)

When most people think of clutch performances, they imagine makes vs misses. If you're the star, you have to make the shot in the big moment. But for Kevin Durant, it's not as much about making the shot as it is about taking it.

According to him, in an interview with, his willingness to pull the trigger in crunch time means he isn't a choker -- regardless of if his team wins or not.

Grazer says he once asked Durant what it’s like to choke in a big game. I’ve never choked, Durant said. Everyone chokes, Grazer said. “[Durant] says, ‘I will always shoot the ball—choking is not shooting the ball. If I miss, it’s not my fault. It’s the environment. Or someone else’s fault.’ At first that sounded arrogant. But if you think about it, it makes sense. Choking is not shooting.”

DUrant's mentality seems to be different from the rest. Despite the overwhelming narrative and anxiety from fans, Durant is at peace with himself despite the misses. It says a lot about him.

In the article on Outline, Durant's quest for the truth goes deeper than just his opinions on choking. After OKC fans spat at his name following his departure from the city, he felt that their devotion to him must have been fake from the beginning. In Golden State, he left after discovering he would never be embraced in the same likeness as his teammates.

It will be interesting to see what kind of "truth" Durant finds in Brooklyn, and what kind of path it will lead him to next.