Kevin Durant Says He Never Had Any Problem With Stephen Curry And Warriors Fans

Kevin Durant's Reaction When He First Saw Stephen Curry: 'I Thought He Was White.'

Kevin Durant had an entertaining Friday night, going at it against fans on Twitter, demolishing their takes on his time with the Golden State Warriors. He made an appearance on a Twitter space, discussing basketball-related topics with fans and more. 

It seems like fans really enjoy teasing Durant with Stephen Curry and the Warriors. Many people are convinced he was jealous of the 2x NBA MVP, and no matter how many times he denies those claims, they just can't stop. 

After talking about James Harden and Curry's differences with and without the ball, KD made it clear he never had any issue with Steph. Still, fans decided to act immaturely instead of talking with the Brooklyn Nets superstar. 

“It’s starting to feel like y’all are really insecure about what these media guys are saying about Steph,” Durant said, via Yahoo Sports. “I know you’re huge Steph fans, but it’s starting to feel like y’all are the ones who are insecure and projecting it on me.

“I don’t give a s—t about what people have to say about who’s better or who gets cheered the loudest. That s—t never mattered to me. But over time, y’all just got irritated with the media and you try to blame that s—t on me, like I was creating these stories.”

Durant also mentioned that The Athletic's Ethan Strauss' book also played a big role in creating these rumors. The player asked the rest of the people on Twitter Spaces if they believed the writer over him. 

“Ethan Strauss wrote a book about how I was saying I was pissed about how I didn’t get any love from the fans, and how I’m jealous of Steph and Mo Speights,” Durant said. “You believe Ethan Strauss over me?”

KD has recently engaged in conversations with fans, clarifying rumors and giving more details about his mindset as a player and person. He had some things to get off his chest, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. 

After he departed from Golden State, he's talked with Curry and Draymond Green, showing that there's nothing but love between them. Hell, he's even helping Klay Thompson with his rehab process, so you know there's no beef between these guys.