Kevin Durant Says It Is Not True That 'Nobody Gets Guarded Like Stephen Curry': "That's Not True Bro, I'm Sorry. I've Seen James Harden Get Doubled Just Like That."

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Kevin Durant never misses a chance to educate fans on NBA-related topics. The Brooklyn Nets superstar is an avid Twitter user, where he engages in big battles with fans, analysts, and more. 

Recently, KD decided to host a Twitter space to talk about basketball, lecturing some people on specific topics. At some point, he debated somebody on which player gets the 'worst' treatment in the league between Stephen Curry and James Harden. One fan said that Curry was double-teamed full court, but KD wasn't having any of that.

He did accept that Steph gets that treatment, but he's not the only one that makes coaches work extra hard. 

"That's not true bro, I'm sorry. I've seen James Harden get doubled just like that," Durant replied. 

Moreover, he explained the differences between Curry and Harden, saying they're two different players. Specifically, he mentioned that the Warriors superstar creates more opportunities without the ball. 

"I'm talking about one scenario, on the ball, on the ball. Don't talk off the ball right now. On the ball, if two people run into the half-court, tell me the difference between it happening with Steph and James Harden.

Same result, that's all I'm saying. Off the ball, it's different. Steph creates way more opportunities off the ball because he can catch and shoot quick and he run off-- I'm not talking about that scenario. I'm talking about dribbling, up the court with the ball in your hands and two people come up."

Durant had a very entertaining night on Friday, going against fans who think he was jealous of Stephen Curry, flaming whoever dared to mess with him on social media. 

He took some time to educate fans, too, giving a big lesson to some. You can love him or hate him, but KD is a very entertaining player on and off the court. He can make your night with a spectacular play or a great tweet.