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Kevin Durant Says The Celtics Are A Different Team This Year: "One Of Our Coaches Is Their Coach Now... It Don't Even Make Sense To Look At That Series."

Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets are ready to face the 2022 NBA playoffs and their first rival is a dangerous one. After beating the young Cleveland Cavaliers in the play-in tournament, they secured the 7th seed in the East, meaning they'll clash against the Boston Celtics in this round. 

This appears to be the most entertaining duel of the first round in both conferences, and there are a lot of expectations around it. Both Celtics and Nets know their rivals are dangerous and will try to do everything to beat them and confirm they are ready to win it all this season. 

They already clashed in the first round of the postseason last year, with the Nets clinching the series in five games. Some people think they could have an easy series again, but Kevin Durant made sure to shut down that idea. Talking with reporters, the Nets superstar stated that comparing this team to the one they had last season wasn't right. 

"I mean, they got six or seven new players on their team. I’m not even thinking about last season. That shouldn’t even enter anybody’s mind. That s**t was so long ago. One of our coaches is their coach now. It don’t even make sense even look at that series. Yeah, I forgot all about that series."

The Celtics were a wandering team during the 2021 playoffs and the Nets looked really strong and set to make a deep playoff run. However, this season is different and both teams have suffered some changes. Ime Udoka found the way to unlock his team's potential, taking them to the 2nd seed in the East. 

As for the Nets, they have struggled to get things going, starring in some drama during the campaign. This series has everything to be the best of the first round, but time will tell if they live up to the expectations or if one team easily beat their rival.