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Kevin Durant Says Warriors Fans Reacted Differently Than Thunder Fans After His Departure

(via Bergen Record)

(via Bergen Record)

Kevin Durant's first move came with an astonishing level of hatred and criticism as fans everywhere expressed their outrage over his decision to join the Warriors. Moreover, for Thunder fans, in particular, things were especially brutal.

Not only did they have to face the heartbreak of losing their best player, but they had to face the reality of him choosing Golden State instead. It had only been a few months since the Durant-led Thunder lost to the Warriors in the postseason. For OKC fans, this betrayal was unforgivable.

Ironically, Warriors fans had to face something similar this summer, when Durant left them for the Nets.

But, in an interesting revelation by Durant himself, he explained the differences between each fan base.

For OKC fans, the reaction took Durant by surprise. There was a lot of hate and tension -- both of which are still felt today.

“At first I didn’t even know people cared that much, especially in Oklahoma City,” said Durant about his departure. “Once I felt that reaction I was like, ‘I must be a damn good basketball player’ — that’s what I thought. It was weird seeing people react to me moving and changing teams, but that’s the nature of sports.”

For Dub Nation, the veteran superstar forward felt a lot less animosity towards his decision.

“Nah, I didn’t really feel it too much,” said Durant. “I felt like some Warriors fans were a little disappointed that it ended like that and wished it could have went longer, but it wasn’t that type of reaction.”

Clearly, the guy has some issues with the way the Thunder and their community behaved following his departure. To his credit, things were much worse when he left OKC versus when he left Golden State. To this day, Thunder fans despite Kevin and the move that he made. They consider him a traitor.

Is it time for them to move on?