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Kevin Durant Shouts Out Ja Morant For Wearing His Shoes This Season: "Goin Dummi As Usual"

Kevin Durant Shouts Out Ja Morant For Wearing His Shoes This Season: "Goin Dummi As Usual"

Ja Morant has been spectacular this season. The Grizzlies star has started his third NBA season on fire and is on track to be one of the best performers in the NBA this season. Currently, Morant has helped the Grizzlies get off to a good start, getting an upset win over the Warriors and handing them their only defeat of the season so far.

For the season, Morant is averaging 26 points per game this season and is looking spectacular. At this rate, Morant could be in line for his first All-Star nomination, as he has looked like one of the best young players in the league going forward.

Another player who has been on fire this season is Kevin Durant. He's been averaging 29.5 points per game, the best of his career since his incredible 2014 MVP season. So far, he has looked like the best player in the world, a title many gave him even before the season started.

And it appears Durant has recognized Morant's game, and also his shoe game. A picture revealed Morant is wearing Kevin Durant's KD 4 shoes during games. Durant took to Twitter to shout him out for wearing the shoes, and his performances. Morant said there is more to come, hinting at wearing more of KD's shoes in the future.

Kevin Durant is not the only Nets player whose shoes Morant has worn this season. On opening day, Morant wore a pair of Kyrie Irving's shoes, perhaps taking a shot at him in the process.

Durant hasn't been shy about acknowledging great players this season. He recently shouted out Scottie Barnes, impressed with the Raptors rookie and his performances so far this season despite his age.

On top of that, Durant also acknowledged just how great the Chicago Bulls are, calling Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, and DeMar DeRozan elite-level scorers. KD is giving a lot of young players their props, perhaps acknowledging his new role as a veteran in the league.

Despite his veteran status, Durant is still in the prime of his career and looking to win an NBA championship with the Brooklyn Nets. Scottie Pippen said the Nets are one of the favorites to win the championship even without Kyrie Irving because of Kevin Durant. It will be interesting to see if KD can win his third championship this year.