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Kevin Durant Spotted At Saint-Tropez At 3 AM Dribbling A Basketball

Kevin Durant Spotted At Saint-Tropez At 3 AM Dribbling A Basketball

Even when he doesn't want to, Kevin Durant keeps making noise around the league. After requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets at the end of June, Durant became the talk of the town in the league. A lot has been said about this situation, but nothing is certain right now. 

The Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics have been mentioned as the favorite franchises to land the 2x NBA champion, with the latter considered the 'unofficial front-runners' to get Durant's services soon. In recent days, he's been spotted with James Harden and Jayson Tatum, which doesn't help clarify what's next for KD. 

Still, the player isn't paying much attention to that right now and is traveling around the world, trying to have fun wherever he can. In recent hours, he was spotted at the French Riviera, walking the streets of Saint-Tropez at 3 am, followed by a group of people, especially women who couldn't take their eyes off of Durant. 

Instagram page Niuzy shared a series of pictures of the disgruntled Brooklyn Nets superstar walking around the streets of Saint-Tropez, and he was seen even dribbling a basketball.

It seems that even when he's partying and having fun, Durant doesn't miss a chance to hoop. His situation with the Nets remains unclear. Even after his ultimatum to team owner Joe Tsai, KD hasn't moved, and the Nets have 'no urgency' to trade him despite rumored interest by the Sixers. 

This saga could take more than we think to be solved, and KD could start the 2022/23 NBA season with the Nets if they don't find the right offer to let the player go. Meanwhile, he's having a nice time, hoping that when training camp starts, he'll be away from the wandering around Nets.