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Kevin Durant Takes A Shot At Analysts On Twitter: "Season Bouta Start, I See Shitty Hoop Takes Everywhere"

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is not strange from Twitter controversies, and that doesn't seem to be changing soon. The Brooklyn Nets superstar is getting ready to start a new season with his team, where they'll try to win the championship. 

With the Kyrie Irving situation hotter than ever, everybody is keeping tabs on the Nets, trying to learn more about this situation. KD has recently stated he's not mad about the Irving saga since that won't make a difference

“What is being mad gonna do? It’s not gonna change his mind.”

Still, KD has heard the noise around the league and, on Friday afternoon, sent a big message to analysts and those who have talked about the Kyrie dilemma. It's clear that Durant isn't happy with all the comments. 

"Season bouta start, I see shitty hoop takes everywhere," the 2x NBA champion tweeted on Friday. 

The Brooklyn Nets still have Durant and James Harden on the roster. These two can lead them to the promised land, but having another world-class player like Irving at home isn't a good deal for them. 

Irving has been linked with trades in the past couple of days, and this possibility gets bigger by the day. If the Nets decided to move him away, some reports suggest he would retire before continuing his career with another franchise. 

The players want to solve this as soon as possible, but new information comes out every day, which leads to more rumors and speculations from fans and media members. Obviously, KD isn't having any of that and he's ready to fire back on social media.