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Kevin Durant Takes A Shot At Jalen Rose On Twitter, Rose Replies Taking A Shot At Skip Bayless

Kevin Durant Takes A Shot At Jalen Rose On Twitter, Asks How Many Points Rose Would Average In Today's NBA

Kevin Durant has been making the headlines in recent hours, as the Brooklyn Nets star is taking more and more shots at fans and even the media. The latest case involves the former NBA player-turned-analyst Jalen Rose and his claims that Michael Jordan and Jerry West would be extremely good in today's NBA.

A fan tagged KD on Twitter, recalling what Rose said about Jordan and West, which wasn't well-received by Durantula.

"@KDTrey5 I know u see J Rose on tv saying MJ n now J West would average 40+ today. Save yourself some controversy, Don’t trip, I got y’all...@JalenRose YOU FUKN TRIPPN DAWG! What these young cats do to u to deserve this disrespect? TV chngd u G. New NBA>Old NBA (btw, I’m over 40)," the user wrote.

KD replied with one question to that, taking a big shot at Jalen, who played for 13 years in the NBA.

"I wanna know how many points Jalen thinks he would average today," Durant said.

Instead of replying to Durant with a harsh comment, Jalen took a different way and trolled sports analyst Skip Bayless with his response.

"That’s easy....1.4 pts," Rose replied.

This is a reference to an old debate between Rose and Skip Bayless eight years ago where Rose exposed that Bayless only averaged 1.4 points as a senior in high school. Instead of going after KD, Jalen picked Bayless as his victim, creating some sort of a trolling chain.

Durant has been very sensitive on social media, as he called out some NBA fans who compared Giannis impending free agency decision to his situation in 2016, where he left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.