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Kevin Durant Throws Some Major Shade At Russell Westbrook


The OKC Thunder, despite all their recent "success" over the past couple of years, have fallen short on every attempt at capturing that illusive title.

For some, it's bad luck. For others, it's bad chemistry. For a lot, though, it's Russell Westbrook.

As one of the scrappiest players in the league, Russ often garners a lot of negative attention for his reputation on trying to stuff the stat sheets.

On Instagram, that hate is displayed on a regular basis by fans who just want to see the guy fail. And in one recent I.G. comment, the hate earned a like by Russ' former teammate and pal Kevin Durant.

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For the record, KD denied liking it on purpose, stating it was a complete accident.

But it fails to answer the question of why Durant was in the comment section of that post, to begin with. Was he caught red-handed, or is this really a case of an accidental liking?