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Kevin Durant To Fan Saying He's A Scorer, Not A Shooter: "Explain The Difference"

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Kevin Durant isn't shy to call people out on social media, especially when they're talking about him. KD can be really cool most of the time, but people always find a way to make him sensitive about any topic. A couple of months ago he engaged in a Twitter battle with a retired NFL player regarding his signing with the Golden State Warriors in 2016 and that wasn't the only time he took to social media to prove his point.

More recently, somebody talked about his style of play, saying he's not a shooter but a scorer and that seemingly didn't sit well with the 2014 NBA MVP. Durant replied to this fan, asking them to explain the difference between one thing and the other.

NBA fans took notice of this and tried to help KD understand what is the difference between a scorer and a shooter.

It's fair to say that Kevin can score at will, he's one of the best scorers the NBA has seen ever but that's because of his offensive arsenal. He can shoot, he can attack the rim, he can dunk the ball, he can make difficult plays, he can do pretty much anything on the court. Maybe he's not labeled as a shooter but he is.