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Kevin Durant Trolls Fans On Why He Joined The Warriors: 'I Did It Just To Piss People Like You Off'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant doesn't change and he doesn't have plans to do it any time soon. If you try to troll him, he'll come at you with everything, so be ready if you want to be a smart mouth with KD.

We all know how controversial his move to the Golden State Warriors from the Oklahoma City Thunder was and all the repercussions it brought to the league but KD is happy with what he did and more so after winning two titles in the bay. Yet, a lot of people still don't understand why he made the decision and Durant is willing to explain as only he can.

Two Lakers fans went after KD following his predictions about the 2020 NBA Finals; Durant believes the Los Angeles Clippers will beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the big series and that didn't please any Lakers fans.

One person tried to call him out, telling him he was chasing rings instead of earning them. The player congratulated for his graduation and welcomed him to the real world.

That wasn't the only fan who called out KD. Another one remembered him that he joined a 73-win team, which was a 'soft' move. As to that, Durant replied:

"I did it just to piss people like you off."

Well, jokes aside, KD did piss a lot of people with the decision he made in the 2016 free agency. He won two titles and two Finals MVP with Golden State until he felt it was time to look for a different challenge amid controversies with the Dubs. Now he's part of the Brooklyn Nets, trying to piss even more people by winning a title for the Brooklyn franchise alongside Kyrie Irving.

Don't try to start a war with Durant, because he'll make you pay.