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Kevin Durant Trolls Kyrie Irving On Instagram Live, Says He Put The Clamps On Irving During The 2017 NBA Finals

Kevin Durant Trolls Kyrie Irving On Instagram Live, Says He Put The Clamps On Him During The 2017 NBA Finals

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are ready to team up in Brooklyn this campaign and fans can't be more excited about this duo. Both players come from seasons where injuries took a toll on them and now it's time to turn things around and demonstrate they can win a championship with this squad. Brooklyn is set to start the preseason this Sunday but their figures are killing some time on Instagram, talking about a variety of topics.

During their session, Durant trolled Irving, claiming he put the clamps on him during the 2017 NBA Finals. Durant was apart of the Golden State Warriors that season and Kyrie played his last campaign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. KD wants to know now if his defense on Kyrie was the best somebody put on him.

"Yo, when I switched and guarded you full-court, was that the best full-court defense that somebody played on you? Your whole career?" Durant asked while Kyrie started laughing. "Because when I decided to guard you it was like 2, 3 minutes. Nobody has seen you for three minutes."

Kyrie replied clarifying that it only happened in one situation during the Finals but agreeing with KD that he did a good job guarding him.

"Honestly, the way you described that one situation when you picked me up court. You never picked me up court, was just that one possession in the Finals. That type of stature of you, Kevin Durant, guarding me, you got it, bro, you have that," Kyrie replied.

If they bring that intensity to the floor, the Nets will have a good chance to win the title this season. They are showing how close they are and how good their relationship is. Hopefully, things will remain like that for the team's sake. Brooklyn is entering a season full of pressure and these men know that.