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Kevin Durant Unsure If Warriors Misled Him About Injury

Kevin Durant Unsure If Warriors Misled Him About Injury

A couple of weeks after getting injured during the 2019 NBA Finals, Kevin Durant hasn’t publicly spoken about his wounds, which will probably make him miss the entire 2019/20 season and hurt his plans for free agency. The 2x NBA Champion hasn’t discussed the way the Golden State Warriors handled his calf injury, with sources suggesting he’s not happy on how the whole situation was managed.

In a recent appearance on 95.7 The Game, NBA reporter Ric Bucher said that KD is “not really happy with how things went down” with his torn Achilles. Bucher said he was told Durant is still wondering whether he was deceived on his chances to suffer a more serious injury if he played before his calf was 100 percent healed.

“What I’ve heard, through various places, is that he’s not really happy with how things went down because of the injury,” Bucher said. “There’s an element of, ‘Was I misled as far as injuring myself coming back and playing and having a catastrophic injury like this coming off a calf strain?’

“We don’t know, definitively, exactly what was said, how much was said, how much he was aware of that, but I can tell you that people in the KD camp, people are running for cover because they don’t want to be holding the bag on who led him astray. Because the bottom line is, what Steve Kerr said, ‘We didn’t think he could get injured worse.’ If Steve Kerr was told that, I’m sure KD was told that. And now he’s looking at the prospect of not playing for, possibly, a year and having his free agency upended. I don’t see how that makes him happier with the Warriors than he was before.”

Durant first suffered a calf injury that made him miss 9 games, since Game 5 of the West semifinals until Game 5 of the NBA Finals, where he played without being fully healed, ruptured his right Achilles tendon and now is expected to miss the entire next season.

The 2-time Finals MVP will become an unrestricted free agent this summer once he declines his 2019-20 player option with the Warriors, who are said to be interested in keeping the player with them by offering a five-year max contract this summer.

Nevertheless, we have to wait and see, as not only the Warriors will try to get his signature this offseason; he’s been strongly linked to the New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets, and knowing how he feels about the way his current team handled his injury, maybe he’s not so eager to re-sign with the Dubs.