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Kevin Durant Uses A Thanos Meme To Accept His Defeat Against Some Fans On Twitter

Kevin Durant Uses A Thanos Meme To Accept His Defeat Against Some Fans On Twitter

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets utterly dominated the Philadelphia 76ers in their most recent matchup. As usual, the Slim Reaper mesmerized fans with his skills as he had another great night.

Thanks to that, he could silence the noisy Sixers fans who were heckling Ben Simmons on his return to Philly. Although the primary focus of the fans was Simmons on the fixture, a few shifted their focus to Durant during the game.

At one point, Durant decided to fire back at the heckling fans when Joel Embiid was shooting free throws.

"Why are you acting like a child? Why are you acting like a child right now? ... Y'all happy I'm talking to y'all."

Durant has a reputation for getting at it with fans. So it wasn't a surprise that he clapped back at the fans in Philly. Moreover, at first, it might have felt like Durant won this contest. That changed when a fan on Twitter pointed out an amazing point about his exchange.

"If talking to them is what they wanted @KDTrey5, aren't you playing right into their hands? In other words it may seem like you're trolling them, but you just trolled yourself for them."

That's one way to look at this conversation between Durant and the fans. Well, it seems like KD's view was impacted as well after he read this tweet. He later went on and reacted to this fan's tweet with a Thanos meme.

In the meme, Thanos has a phone in his hand and his expressions suggest a dawning realization after reading what's on the phone.

Keeping this reaction in mind, it seems like the heckling fans certainly won this battle against the Brooklyn Nets superstar. But Durant wouldn't mind this too much, as he and the Nets won the game against the 76ers.