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Kevin Durant Uses Fun Meme To React To Rob Perez's Idea About NBA's Mid-Season Tournament

Kevin Durant Uses Fun Meme To React To Rob Perez's Idea About NBA's Mid-Season Tournament

Kevin Durant stays very active on social media, going at it with fans, blasting them when they make comments he doesn't like, and even engaging in Twitter battles with journalists. 

After so many showdowns, Durant isn't slowing down and is ready to keep firing back at people on social media. Even when they don't do anything to the 2x NBA champion, KD finds a way to make fun of them, and recently, one of the biggest Twitter personalities was trolled by the disgruntled Brooklyn Nets superstar. 

Following LeBron James' appearance in the Drew League on Saturday afternoon, Rob Perez dropped an interesting idea for the NBA's upcoming mid-season tournament, asking the league to use special venues to host it. 

Dear NBA: you want people to care about your mid-season tournament? Let the popularity of this Drew League game serve as an example and host it at iconic basketball locations/gyms/parks throughout the country. Capture the magic of The Rose Bowl, but basketball.

While some NBA fans agreed with that and showed their excitement about the tournament, Kevin Durant was the opposite. He didn't like this idea and confirmed that with a simple meme. 

Perhaps Perez has a point there, but the Drew League got this attention thanks to LeBron James' appearance, as well as DeMar DeRozan's and the rumored participation of Kyrie Irving. 

What this says is that the league has the names to make any tournament interesting and not necessarily because of the venue. KD has experience in these situations, as he played in Rucker Park in 2011, putting up a show and confirming he was one of the top players in the league.

Meanwhile, the Nets player is trying to find a new home in the league, but Brooklyn hasn't received a suitable offer for KD. This is one of the biggest sagas of the summer and nobody knows if it'll end before the 2022/23 season starts.