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Kevin Durant Wants The Sonics Back


It seems like an alternate reality now, but there was a time when KD wore a Seattle SuperSonics jersey. It was only for a time before the team was moved to OKC, and KD then moved to Golden State many seasons later.

So far, he has seemingly loved his time with the Warriors. With two Championships, a chance to live in Oakland, and a system that works, who wouldn't?

Though, as he's recently expressed, he'd also love to see the Sonics return to the NBA one day...

"NBA is back in Seattle for tonight, but hopefully it's back forever soon."

In what was KD's first pro-ball match in Seattle since back in his Sonic days, it was quite a moment for the fans to witness their former star take the court again.

Let's hope they'll get to cheer for a little more than that in the future.