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Kevin Durant Will Announce Where He Will Play Next Season Just Like He Did When He Left Oklahoma


Even as the Golden State Warriors playoffs series continues, a lot of the focus is still on Kevin Durant and where he will be playing next season. There’s been a lot of speculation that the two-time Final MVP will be leaving the Warriors at the end of the postseason even if the franchise wins their third championship in a row.

Just like he did when he left the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016, we can expect to hear the decision first from Durant himself, by tweeting an article he wrote for the Player's Tribune titled "My Next Chapter."

Most other player signings and trades are reported first by the media itself but Kevin Durant has a different take on the way it should be done.

"They need me," Durant said of the media to NBC Sports Bay Area. "If I wasn't a free agent, none of this s— would go on, right? None of this speculation about who I am, what's wrong with my mental, why I'm miserable, why I ain't happy with life. Nothing."

It’s some very strong words from one of the game’s greatest athletes who certainly has a history of being frustrated and annoyed with the way the Media handles these types of situations. It makes sense why KD wants to give no power to the media and wants to control his own fate.

Kevin Durant says he doesn't know where he will play next season.

"I don't know. I never know," he said. "Nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don't think about the future, bro. Like that. Of course, I think about it, but not like, let me make these [plans], let me go ahead and go through the logistics and the details. I don't go through details on s— like this."

We will have to wait until the end of the postseason to find out what Kevin Durant’s final decision is.