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Kevin Durant Will Likely Not Consider Lakers Or Warriors In Free Agency

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Kevin Durant rocked the world with his decision to play for the Golden State Warriors. Three seasons later, and plenty of stories in between, is he about to rock the world again?

This is not the first time KD has been a free-agent during his tenure with the Warriors. He has technically been available in summers past, only it was not for very long and everybody knew he was not going anywhere. This time, it feels different.

Durant is a Champion. He is a Finals MVP. He got to experience the joys of winning in a culture dedicated to playing the right way. But the overwhelming sense the Durant seeks a new challenge is just too hard to shake.

He has done it all with the Warriors and now it is time to prove he can do it somewhere else -- somewhere he might be a little more appreciated. So where might his new path take him? We don't know, but it likely will not involve the Warriors or even Lakers.

"ESPN’s Royce Young says that this summer, in free agency, Durant has a riddle to solve. He needs to live up to his potential as the undisputed leader of a top-flight, title-contending team," writes Pro Sports Daily. "Of course Durant is good enough, Young suggests, to be the best player on a title team—as a player. And off the court, well, he’s learning. One of the draws of playing in the Bay has been a crash course in team leadership and chemistry from professor Stephen Curry. Soon it will be time to find a new home, so people will stop saying what Young says: “On the Warriors, it seems like he’s just winning them for Steph.”

He needs to do this alone, which means no Steph, no LeBron, maybe even no Kawhi. If he ever wants to be as good as he wants the world to believe, he will have to prove just him and him alone is enough to get it done.

New York is the perfect place for it.