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Kevin Durant Will Only Sign With The Knicks Under One Condition


By all accounts, Kevin Durant's future with the Knicks is all but guaranteed. The sense around the league is that the Knicks give Durant an opportunity to resurrect his damaged legacy in the NBA's biggest market.

But before we declare it a done deal, there may be a caveat for New York to secure the services of Durant.

According to Frank Isola of The Athletic, the superstar forward will only join the Knicks if another free agent star agrees to sign with him.

Luckily for New York, there will be an abundance of players available this summer. Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard might give them serious consideration. Kyrie Irving, in particular, might be their best bet.

During the All-Star break, Kyrie and Kevin were reportedly acting like a "middle school couple," being almost inseparable during that stretch. In Boston, the team is about to finish off a very underwhelming season and may prompt the point guard to look for something new.

The opportunity is certainly there for the Knicks. But for things to pan out their way, they will need to secure both of them to secure one of them. We know Kyrie will be meeting with the Lakers, and more teams along the way, so nothing is promised just yet.

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