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Kevin Durant's Brother Hints That KD Is Leaving The Warriors Next Season


When Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant hits free agency next summer, it'd be a surprise if all hell didn't break loose during the offseason once he makes his decision.

Rumors have been flying every which way the past couple of weeks regarding KD's future, as it'll be the most league-defining move for the following season. If Durant stays, the Warriors have a very good chance to become a dynasty. If he leaves, the race for the championship in 2020 will be blown wide open.

But according to commments made by Durant's brother on Instagram, KD is has already planned to leave the Bay after this season.

"Yessir brother!!!! Filling the hand up before we get outta here!"

If you happened to stumble upon the comment while scrolling through Instagram, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that Durant was as good as gone next season.

But Tony Durant clarified his comments later on, trying to suggest he meant KD would be winning multiple titles with Golden State before retiring.

Even though the situation in Golden State is picture perfect for Durant at the moment, after winning two titles, KD's motivations may have changed, and he could be looking for a fresh challenge after this season with the Warriors.