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Kevin Durant’s Brother Takes A Shot At Rudy Gobert After A Kid Tested Positive For COVID-19

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Rudy Gobert is in everybody’s mouths right now given his recent actions that led to the suspension of the NBA. The Frenchman has apologized for his behavior during a press conference, where he touched all the mics in front of him, before going to touch his teammates and his personal belongings.

This has created big trouble for the big man, as even his teammates feel he acted carelessly in such a delicate situation. Moreover, the center has received more criticism from fans and this time Kevin Durant’s brother took a big shot at him.

Reports saw the light on Friday saying an elementary school student had tested positive for the coronavirus. This kid received an autograph from Gobert, raising a lot of eyebrows around the league.

As expected, a lot of people criticized Rudy for his actions and Tony Durant wasn’t the exception. He took to Instagram to express his feelings towards Gobert and the things he did, calling the Jazz center a “dumbass”.


This is not good for Gobert; he put a lot of people at risk with his behavior. It’ll take a long time for NBA fans to forgive this. His careless actions have cost a lot to him, his team and the entire league.