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Kevin Durant’s Business Partner, Rich Kleiman, Explains Why He Left The Warriors For The Nets

(via Daily Star)

(via Daily Star)


One of the more surprising moves of 2020 NBA Free Agency was Kevin Durant's decision to leave the Golden State Warriors. Perhaps even more shocking was the team he chose over them: the Brooklyn Nets.

After making three straight trips to the NBA Finals and winning two straight Championships with the Warriors, nobody was expecting Durant to leave, especially for a team like the Nets, who have never really had a period of glowing success.

In a chat with ESPN, Durant's business partner, Rich Kleiman, explained Durant's thinking behind the big move.

“He looked at it as another challenge,” Kleiman told Jalen and Jacoby on ESPN. “He’s like I really want my craft to be honed in the place that I feel like that is best suited for my game and I’m gonna take it there, play with who I wanna play with.”

At this stage in his career, with little left to prove, Durant decided it was time for something new. He wanted a place that could suit his talents alongside guys he wanted to play with. With the Warriors, it was the same story, the same challenge.

With Kyrie Irving and a city eager for a taste of victory, the Nets certainly present a unique opportunity for the 2x Finals MVP.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next season to see him suit up for his new team. As he rehabs from his Achilles injury, the team's need for his presence is being made more evident. But when he finally does return, you can expect the Nets to be right there at the top of the league.