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Kevin Durant’s IG Story Yet Another Clue He’s Leaving The Warriors


Let’s all face it: we’re all thinking about the summer.

This season is fun, sure. It’s been wild and crazy, and a super fun ride for all of us. But in an offseason where so much could happen, it’s hard to not think about the decisions to come.

Kevin Durant is probably the biggest of those fish on the market come this July. Nobody can say for certain whether he’ll leave or stay, though he’s dropped a number of hints supporting the former.

The most recent being just this last week, with a curious Instagram story post possibly reflecting his dissatisfaction.

It’s nothing too jarring, but it definitely doesn’t sound like someone who is happy in his current situation. It sounds like a guy who wants to remake his identity. The

Besides, things haven’t exactly been perfect in Golden State, especially this season.

Aside from internal locker room issues (with Draymond Green specifically), the team without Steph just isn’t the same. Not only do Durant’s shooting numbers take a slide, but the overall performance of the Warriors also does as well.

Curry is the Warriors’ most needed and most beloved player, and that’s just the reality.

Haven’t we been saying Durant must be tired of being second fiddle?