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Kevin Durant's Manager Reveals What Bothers KD More Than Not Being No. 1 MVP Candidate This Season

Kevin Durant's Manager Reveals What Bothers KD More Than Not Being No. 1 MVP Candidate This Season

Kevin Durant is one of the fiercest competitors in the NBA, even though fans enjoy picking on him for joining a superteam to win his first two championships. The Brooklyn Nets superstar has never backed down to a challenge and is constantly trying to get better. 

Even though the Nets are struggling without Kyrie Irving on the court this season, Durant and James Harden remain locked to win it all next year. The job will be harder without Irving by their side, but the duo is trying to lead the squad to the promised land. 

Recently, KD's manager Rich Kleiman talked about what drives the 2014 NBA MVP, revealing that he often gets mad when the team underperforms, which is worse for him than not being considered the No. 1 MVP candidate anymore. 

“I feel like when he feels like he didn’t play the right way or the team didn’t play the right way, even if they won, that’s the kind of stuff that seems to bother him more than like he didn’t get his shots or he’s no longer the No. 1 candidate in the MVP race throughout the year. I think that’s less important,” Kleiman said in a recent interview on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“He’s championship-driven because he’s winning-driven,” Kleiman said. “He wants to win every drill, he wants to win every rep in practice. He wants to win pop a shot when playing with his friends, just a competitive dude, and loves to win and loves to master his own game.

“I think what drives him still is getting better all the time, winning, being a part of the team. I think like, the people around him, myself included, I’ll be like ‘Damn man, you gotta be more aggressive in the first quarter, you’re leading the league in scoring.’ That kind of rhetoric doesn’t go away from the people around him and he doesn’t care.”

KD is one of the most prolific and talented scorers of all time, yet he's always trying to improve his game and become a bigger threat to rivals. This season hasn't been easy for the Nets, even if they rank 1st in the East. They've looked flawed when facing solid rivals, which is why so many people want Kyrie back to help Durant and Harden. 

With that said, it shouldn't be crazy to think Durant hasn't been satisfied with the team's performance this season. They must do better to come out of the dangerous Eastern Conference and play in the Finals.