Kevin Durant's Mom Wasn't Happy With Rare Foul Call On KD

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Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Kevin Durant's mom, Wanda, wasn't too please watching her son getting a foul call with only 0.1 tenths of a second on the clock. KD got in foul trouble against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night and, this curious call certainly put him in a difficult position later in the game. 

His mom wasn't happy with the officiating and took to Twitter to call out the referees for calling a foul with almost no time on the clock to finish the first half of the game. 

"0.1 foul," Wanda tweeted. 

NBA fans reacted to the tweet, some agreeing with Wanda and others saying it was the right call to make. 

It seems like Wanda was bothered by the time and not much by the play itself. Referees have gotten a lot of criticism this year, and that won't stop in the playoffs. Tensions are high right now, with everybody trying to advance in the playoffs. 

In the end, the Nets won the first game of their second-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks, with KD dropping 29 points in the 115-107 win. 

Durant was able to finish the game, but his five fouls were an issue for him down the stretch.