Kevin Garnett Explains Why Giannis Will Stay With The Bucks: "I Think He’s Comfortable Being In A Small Market."

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(via Sports Dallas Fort-Worth)

(via Sports Dallas Fort-Worth)

It has been two years in a row that the Milwaukee Bucks have been eliminated early in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

With Giannis' impending free-agency looming, and the team's flaws being evident, the future of the team and their high-profile superstar remains a huge uncertainty.

But, in a statement to Complex, former NBA star big man Kevin Garnett explained why he believes Antetokounmpo will be staying put.

Since being drafted by the Bucks in 2013, Giannis has preached nothing but loyalty to the franchise. And, when questioned about his intentions this offseason and beyond, Giannis committed to another year with the team instead of leaving the door open to ask for a trade.

As for Garnett's point about the responsibilities of playing for a big market team being too much for him, that could certainly be the case. It's a lot less pressure to play for a team with a very limited history of success.

Then again, is it so easy to win in a place that's so hard to attract other free agents?

Either way, the world will be waiting for his decision in 2021.