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Kevin Garnett On Steve Nash: “Underneath The Hollywood Smile, The Hair And The Dope Conversation Is A Killer.”

Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

Steve Nash is the man of the hour after getting the longed-for Brooklyn Nets coaching job in recent days. The legendary point guard landed in Brooklyn with no prior experience but with a lot of knowledge from his playing days. Even though this move raised a lot of controversy around the league, other people are excited to see what Nash is going to bring to these Nets, especially with their two stars, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

One of Nash's former rivals has spoken on this matter, warning people that behind that chilling look and his good attitude, a killer is hidden. There is no need to say that Garnett is convinced Nash can do a great job as the Nets helmsman.

“Underneath the Hollywood smile, the hair and the dope conversation is a killer,” Garnett told Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News.

“He’s a competitor, bruh. I can remember him never quitting. I can remember him always coming back. I can remember him getting his nose broke and still going. Steve’s a f–king fighter, man. He’s one of them guys you want in the trenches with you.

“There’s only but so many people that you want in the trenches with you,” Garnett continued, “that’s gonna fight back and be right there with you and Steve’s one of them people. I always remember him being a fierce competitor under all that brashness and all that polish.”

Even though some people didn't believe Nash was deserving of this job, the Nets had two main reasons to make this call. He has a great relationship with Kevin Durant after spending three years together in the Golden State Warriors and given his status as one of the greatest point guards ever, Kyrie Irving will learn a lot from the Phoenix Suns legend.

The expectations will be high next season, with Nash taking over a team with two fully rested and recovered stars, trying to sell his ideas to one of the most exciting squads in the NBA.