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Kevin Garnett Reacts To Rasheed Wallace No Longer Being Part Of Lakers Coaching Staff: "Actually Thought This Was A Great Hire."

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Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Wallace is a former All-Star that is most well-known for his time with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Detroit Pistons. He notably won a championship in 2004 and was regarded as an extremely versatile big man during his prime.

Originally, it was revealed that Rasheed Wallace had a position with the Los Angeles Lakers staff going into next season as an assistant coach. However, recently, it was reported that Rasheed Wallace would no longer be joining Darvin Ham's staff "after further conversations".

After further conversations, former NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace will no longer join new Lakers coach Darvin Ham’s staff, sources said. Wallace served as an assistant under Penny Hardaway at the University of Memphis last season.

There is no doubt that Rasheed Wallace could have potentially been a good hire for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kevin Garnett has previously stated that Rasheed Wallace could have been a great influence on Anthony Davis.

“I think this is great for this Lakers team. I think Anthony Davis needs an influence that he can have, someone in his ears. Rasheed Wallace is one of the best f**kin power forwards to ever play in our league, he is full of knowledge, he hasn’t shared that knowledge with the world, but I talk basketball with him several times, he is nothing below a genius and a mastermind.”

Naturally, Kevin Garnett also reacted to the recent news of Rasheed Wallace no longer being with the Lakers, claiming that he "actually thought this was a great hire" for the team.

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It is unclear why Rasheed Wallace will no longer be with the Los Angeles Lakers. Hopefully, he is able to land another NBA coaching job in the future, and his knowledge of the game is definitely among the best.

The goal for the Los Angeles Lakers next season will likely be to get back to the playoffs and potentially win a championship. Any team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis has a chance of winning, and we'll see what ends up happening next year.