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Kevin Garnett Reveals That He Used To Keep His NBA Pay In Cash Under A Mattress Instead Of Storing It In The Bank

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Kevin Garnett is known as one of the best power forwards to play in the NBA, and he was definitely a personality on the court. There is no doubt that he was quite an entertaining player to watch due to his passion and skill on the court.

It seems as though Kevin Garnett's had some funny habits off the court as well. During his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kevin Garnett revealed that he used to keep his NBA pay in cash underneath his mattress until a situation happened with his ex-girlfriend. (5:20)

I was coming from Chicago... I was kind of raised with a certain pedigree and mindset. I wasn't introduced to wires or just fintech. I wasn't financially savvy, none of it. I didn't know about direct deposit, I didn't know none of this.

So when I would get my check I'd go cash it, and bring it home and I would put it under my mattress. 

I had a girlfriend at the time, and the only thing I would say is "If you take money from under here, just put an IOU under here so I know that". Because I had it up here, I knew how much money was up... I got a system to this. So when I would raise the mattress and I see that the money was different I knew that okay, somebody's been in here.

Shortly, I broke up with that female. I looked under the mattress and I had a bunch of IOU's... It's time to put this in the bank.

There is no doubt that this was an entertaining story from Kevin Garnett, and one wouldn't usually expect a player to keep cash underneath their mattress, as digital banking is readily available. However, as Kevin Garnett mentions, he wasn't "financially savvy" at the time, and "didn't know about direct deposit".

As of now, Kevin Garnett likely knows how to use fintech and take care of his finances well. He reportedly wanted to invest $200 million as part of a group that wanted to buy the Minnesota Timberwolves, prior to their purchase by Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore, so it's obvious that he's been doing well for himself.