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Kevin Garnett Takes A Shot At Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Kevin Garnett is about to be enshrined into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Class of 2020, something that was a no-brainer considering he became one of the most influential big men in the history of the game.

Thus, he had a sit-down with The Athletic's Shams Charania to discuss several matters throughout his career, like what it meant to him to enter the Hall of Fame with Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan.

However, the story that stood up the most from Garnett's interview didn't come from his Hall of Fame enshrinement but because of his feud with Glen Taylor, the Minnesota Timberwolves majority owner.

Thing is, Garnett, spent 12 years in Minnesota before leaving and then coming back for the last 2 seasons of his career and despite being considered the greatest Timberwolf ever, the franchise is yet to retire his number 21 jersey:

"The Celtics announced in February that they will retire your No. 5 jersey during the 2020-21 season — but your jersey still isn’t hanging in the rafters in Minnesota. How soon will we see that take place and where do you stand on it?" Charania asked Garnett.

Apparently, Garnett was supposed to become a key decision-maker with the franchise and join the ownership group, but Glen Taylor betrayed him right after Flip Saunders passed away, hiring Tom Thibodeau as the team's General Manager and thus infuriating Garnett:

"Glen knows where I’m at, I’m not entertaining it. First of all, it’s not genuine. Two, he’s getting pressure from a lot of fans and, I guess, the community there. Glen and I had an understanding before Flip died, and when Flip died, that understanding went with Flip. For that, I won’t forgive Glen. I won’t forgive him for that. I thought he was a straight-up person, straight up businessman, and when Flip died, everything went with him," Garnett replied.

The Big Ticket went on to talk about hos much he cherishes his time in Minnesota and how much he loves the community. However, he made the most of the opportunity to take another clear and direct shot at Glen Taylor later on:

"There’s no reason to complain. Just continue to move on. My years in Minnesota and in that community, I cherish. At this point, I don’t want any dealings with Glen Taylor or Taylor Corp. or anything that has to do with him. I love my Timberwolves, I’ll always love my guys, I’ll always love the people who fuck with me there. I'll always have a special place for the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota in my heart. But I don’t do business with snakes. I don’t do business with snake motherf**ers. I try not to do business with openly snakes or people who are snake-like," he concluded.

If someone deserves to have his jersey hanging high in the Target Center, that's Kevin Garnett, regardless of how Taylor may feel about him or vice-versa.

That's something that needs to happen for the fans, for him, his legacy and all he did for the Timberwolves, so hopefully, they'll one day get past this and honor his career the way it should be honored.