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Kevin Hart's Son Roasted Chris Paul After Training With Him: "He Can't Play, I Just Want To Learn From Mr. Randolph, My Gym Teacher."

Kevin Hart's Son Roasted Chris Paul After Training With Him: "He Can't Play, I Just Want To Learn From Mr. Randolph."

Chris Paul is one of the most talented players in NBA history. The legendary point guard has made every team where he's played a lot better, doing things nobody thought he'd be capable of doing. 

The Point God has proven time and time again that he's one of the best players of all time thanks to his skills and the way he makes teams better, but not everybody is convinced he's really that good. Paul and his Phoenix Suns secured the 1st seed in the Western Conference and home-court advantage through the entire playoffs. 

However, when he had the chance to coach a little guy, CP3 seemingly failed to make an impression on him. Back in 2019, the point guard joined Kevin Hart's 'Cold as Balls' show, with Hart telling a hilarious story involving his son and CP3. 

Hart recalled that he once linked his son up with Paul, as he showed his intention of learning everything about the beautiful game. This would be a huge opportunity for everybody else in the world, but not for Kevin's kid. After one training session, the boy was disappointed and even dismissed Paul's quality as a player, saying he'd rather train with his gym teacher. 

"Let me tell you a funny story, Daryl. You know my son, my son Hendrix for a brief moment displayed interest for the game of basketball. So you know what I did? I called CP, I said, 'CP, my son wants to play.' He takes my son to go play basketball, I'm expecting my son to come back on cloud nine. 'How was it son?' My son looks me in the eye and goes, 'he can't play. I just wanna learn from Mr. Randolph, my gym teacher.' 'Mr. Randolph? Who the f**k is that, son?' He hasn't touched a basketball since -- he was on a fast break and he just stopped running and started counting the lights. That's when I gave up. 'Alright, that's it.'"

Imagine having the chance to play with Chris Paul and trashing him like that. Worse, that you prefer to train with your gym teacher. No hate, but having the chance to play with one of the best point guards in NBA history must be huge for everybody. Well, Hendrix was just different and he didn't hesitate to show it. 

He made four teams set season records for the most wins, showing how impactful he is on the court. It's true that he hasn't been able to win the NBA championship, but nobody can deny that Paul is one of the best talents who's ever stepped foot on the court. He's trying to lead the Suns to the promised land after last season. Perhaps when he does it, Hendrix will understand how great CP3 is.