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Kevin Love Comments On Being Compared To Chris Bosh


LeBron James practically does it all for the Cleveland Cavaliers. As the breath of that organization, King James is by far the most valuable player in the league.

But where would he be without Kevin Love? As weird as it sounds, every superstar needs help. MJ needed Pippen, Kobe needed Pau, and Magic needed Kareem. For LeBron, it was Wade, then Irving... and now Love, who stands as Cleveland's second best player, despite the criticism he often receives for his streaky performances.

Kevin Love, for better or worse, may be one of the most important pieces of James' race to a title this season. And during the Cavs post-game presser (following their sweep of Toronto on Monday), Love made note of what exactly he wanted his legacy in Cleveland to be, embracing the role set before him:

He may not be "the man" anymore, but he's just fine where he is... he's content being the Bosh 2.0 to the best player in basketball.