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Kevin Love Posts A Lengthy Heartwarming Message Reflecting On His Year 14 In The NBA: "Reaffirmations - Never Be Defined By What Other People Say You Are"

Kevin Love Posts A Lengthy Heartwarming Message Reflecting On His Year 14 In The NBA: "Reaffirmations - Never Be Defined By What Other People Say You Are"

Kevin Love has had a career full of ups and downs in the NBA. After spending six seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Love established himself as one of the better players in the league at his position.

As a result, he was recruited by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. The Cavs created an amazing roster featuring Kevin Love, LeBron James, and Kyrie Irving. During his early days as a Cavaliers player, Love had to adjust to the role of being the third scoring option. For what it's worth, he did a pretty good job of adjusting to that role.

Following a successful four years with the Cavs, Love's career started to go downhill once James left the team. The primary reason for his downhill was injuries as he struggled to reach his full potential.

When most thought that Love's career was over, he assumed a new role of coming off the bench and has done pretty well so far. So much so that the Cavaliers veteran finished as the runner-up for the 2021-22 NBA Sixth Man of the Year award.

Following this amazing season, Love posted a lengthy but heartwarming message reflecting on his year 14 in the NBA on his official Instagram handle.

Reflection - Year 14.

After the most frustrating injury of my career in the 20-21 season and an exit from USA Basketball in the summer due to not feeling fully healed and in shape - many people said I was done. Some even went as far to say “Love should soon consider retirement…”. This even came from some I thought I respected and to my face and behind my back were Fugazi. I never let that commentary shake my belief system.

I reevaluated a lot of relationships but took the time to asses the guy in the mirror first. I worked my ass off to come in to the season healthy with the goal of being available and the mindset of helping lead a young team in taking the next step. Be the vet I never had early in my career. Help build a winning culture that permeates no matter the lineup. To the 🐶’s - you know old man loves you!!!

Sacrifice gives back more than it costs. For this team to make a leap - I had to sacrifice and come off the bench for the first time since my Sophomore season in the NBA 13 years ago. I didn’t fight it, I was hungry to have positive impact and produce like I always have. I’m thankful for JB’s transparency and trust. You allowed me to be the best version of myself. It’ll always be bigger than basketball with us.

Numbers don’t lie…so I’m gonna just list a few here. For bench players I led the league in double doubles. Broke a franchise record for 3pt FG’s off the bench. Lead the team with 187 3pt FG’s. Tied as the league leader in charges taken. As for my goal of being available - I lead the team in games played and outside of games missed due to covid - played in every game.

This post might be too much vanity for some because I was “only” the runner-up for 6th Man of the Year but it meant something to me to earn my respect back in a league and game that I’ve dedicated my life to.

Reaffirmations - Never be defined by what other people say you are. Almost all of the time people don’t see the view or perspective from the floor of the arena. A lot of seats in the arena are filled with those who have never ventured out onto the floor - they throw shade at a safe distance.

So keep showing up.

Remain hungry.

And f**k what THEY think.

It's great to see Love focusing on the positives of his career. In his 14th season, he now understands his role in the league and with the franchise too.

Now, he might not be the superstar that he once was, but Love is still a fantastic player off the bench and has gracefully assumed the role of mentor for this young Cavs team.