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Kevin Love Says LeBron James Can Take Lakers To NBA Finals

Kevin Love Says LeBron James Can Take Lakers To NBA Finals

There’s sure been a different feel to the playoffs this year with LeBron James out of the action with the Los Angeles Lakers failing to qualify for the postseason.

Many had high hopes for the Lakers before the start of the season but now most people believe that the Lakers are unlikely to have any success in the near future.

However, former teammate Kevin Love knows how quickly LeBron James can transform a franchise into a championship contender and he recently spoke to TMZ Sports about how they shouldn’t count out the Lakers in the 2019/20 season.

Love was also asked if he would be reunited with his old teammate while he is back in Los Angeles, the place that he went to college. The big man hasn’t got any plans for a workout with LeBron but he went on to speak about how he admires the champ and what the Lakers need to do to return to the top.

There’s been a lot of on-going trade rumors about Love and if he will be traded to another franchise. The Cavaliers star isn’t likely to see much postseason action with his current team and a future elsewhere may not be the worst thing in the world if he is looking for some playoffs success.

Check out the full interview with Kevin Love in the link below.