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Kevin Love Was In The Room When Kyrie Called LeBron To Apologize


It's only fitting that the one in the room with LeBron when he got the apologetic phone call from Kyrie Irving, was their former teammate Kevin Love.

As told The Athletic's Joe Vardon, he was in the middle of a chat with James when the call came through

“LeBron looked down at his phone and he showed us,” Love told The Athletic, describing the scene. “He was like, ‘I wonder what he wants?’”

And when talking about the specific struggles of leadership, it's an experience Love can relate to.

“I think Kyrie went through some of the same struggles that I did,” said Love, who was 26 in 2014, when he and James and Irving joined forces. “There were some bad habits and maybe not knowing what it means to sacrifice and take a back seat to someone like a LeBron, who was trying to teach us how to win. I think I’m a much better player now, a much better teammate from having gone through it.”

Kyrie, Love, and LeBron went through a lot together. They won a Championship in Cleveland and lost plenty in between. Love says him and Bron were just catching up, but who knows, maybe it's a sign of things to come? Whatever the case, it's certainly interesting to wonder what might've happened had they all stayed together.

And although the three are on very different paths, it's nice to know they can appreciate and relate to what the others are doing in terms of leadership.