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Kevin Love Wouldn't Re-Sign With The Cavs Unless He Knew They Wouldn't Be Tanking This Year


Prior to re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a massvie four-year, $120 million deal, All-Star Kevin Love wanted to make absolutely sure the Cavs would be looking to contend with him on the roster after losing LeBron James in free agency to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Speaking to's Chris Fedor, Love didn't want to be involved in the same situation that plagued him his entire tenure in Minnesota.

"The only thing I didn't want was I didn't want to be a team that was going to tank or be not competitive," Love said on Friday. "I've been a part of that for a couple of years (in Minnesota) and then we started to build something. I wanted this to be a building year and still be competitive. That was my only holdup about the whole thing. They had told me they didn't want to take a huge step back.

"I mean, obviously losing LeBron you know what is going to happen with that, but I wanted to be part of something where we could continue to strive for all these banners up here and build something for the next several years."

Losing LeBron has already proven to be costly before in Cleveland, as the Cavs went from 61 wins in 2010 to just 19 wins the following season in their first year without James since 2002. During the period between LeBron's first departure and first return, the Cavs landed three first overall picks during a stretch of four years, but failed to create a winning team in Cleveland until LeBron returned in 2014.