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Kevin O'Connor Absolutely Destroys The Sacramento Kings: "I’m Disgusted Watching This Team. No Wonder That Dude Puked All Over The Court."

De'Aaron Fox Blames Himself And His Teammates After Another Embarrassing Loss

On paper, the Sacramento Kings have a lot of talent at their disposal.

From De'Aaron Fox to Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes, the Kings are certainly a squad that should be in the playoff hunt.

Instead, they're 6-12 and looking the worst they're been in years.

Following their loss to Philadelphia on Monday (a Philadelphia team playing without their starters), it seems like folks have finally seen enough.

In light of the disaster unfolding in Sac-Town, NBA insider/analyst Kevin O'Connor issued the following tweet:

The Kings losing at home to Philly’s backups is an utter embarrassment. Luke Walton had to go but that won’t solve their issues. Major roster change is needed. I’m disgusted watching this team. What a hideous product. No wonder the other night that dude puked all over the court.

After a decent start, things quickly fell apart for the Kings. They've lost 8 of their last 10 games and rank near the bottom in almost every category.

The firing of Luke Walton, which happened earlier in the week, marked their 12th coach since 2006.

At this point, it's clear that big problems still exist in Sacramento, and it might stem from the top-down...

"Last 4 years: Sac took Bagley over Luka, spent lottery picks on THREE point guards, froze on trading Barnes when he had legit trade value, spent actual money on T. Thompson, gave Bogdanovic away for NOTHING… but hey let’s change coaches again. An ongoing ownership catastrophe," said Bill Simmons.

If things continue to destabilize, it might prompt additional changes for the team, which could include trading any one of their young core. There are even reports the Kings could be looking to trade for Ben Simmons or Pascal Siakam.

Whatever the case, both the fans and the media are calling for a movie, and there's no telling how it will all end for this struggling team.