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Kevin O'Connor Says That Multiple NBA Executives Believe Chris Paul Needs To Be First Or Second Team In All-NBA Ballots

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Chris Paul is a player that has provided a winning impact on every team that he has played. Throughout his career, he has always had an impact beyond the box score. The same can be said for his time with the Phoenix Suns so far. Chris Paul's averages don't necessarily scream All-NBA: the veteran point guard is currently putting up 16.2 PPG, 4.5 RPG, and 8.9 APG. However, he has had a massive impact on the Phoenix Suns, who went from missing the playoffs last season to being one of the top teams in the Western Conference with Paul's presence.

When it comes to All-NBA voting, people often look at the players who put up large numbers. However, sometimes, value is quantified in something other than pure statistics. According to Kevin O'Connor, there are multiple front-office executives who believe that Chris Paul deserves to on the first or second All-NBA team for his impact on the Phoenix Suns.

I’ve had multiple front office executives argue that Paul should be first or second on All-NBA ballots. What they’re really arguing for is an acknowledgment of the unmeasurable yet known impact he makes beyond the stat sheet. It will be fascinating to see what other voters decide. The voting process this season has been more difficult than any other I’ve been a part of since 2016-17.

There is definitely a good argument for Chris Paul being a first-team All-NBA player. The Phoenix Suns have had a massive improvement with Paul's leadership, and the jump that the team has taken this year shows Paul's impact on the roster and how his winning mentality has translated to the other players on the roster. While it remains to be seen whether Chris Paul makes the first or second All-NBA team, there are certainly people out there that believe in rewarding him for what he's done this season with a selection.