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'KG-Pierce-Allen-Rondo-Big Baby Celtics Have As Many Championships As The Dallas Mavericks And Have An Ego Like They're The 1990s Chicago Bulls' Says NBA Writer

Fadeaway World 

Fadeaway World 

The 2008 NBA champions Boston Celtics were an excellent team that took the league by storm. They met the expectation surrounding them when they paired Paul Pierce with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, bringing the title home. 

After those moves, the C's instantly became title contenders, having a terrific season, dominating the Eastern Conference. They won the championship to confirm they were the best team in the league but at the same time earned a lot of hate from their rivals. 

Recently, Bleacher Report's writer Tyler Conway called them out for having big egos after winning just one NBA title. Conway says they act like a dynasty when they only won the same championships as the Dallas Mavericks. 

"The KG-Pierce-Allen-Rondo-Big Baby Celtics have as many championships as the Dallas Mavericks and have an ego like they're the 1990s Chicago Bulls," he tweeted on Sunday. 

This sparked many reactions from fans, who jumped on that train and criticized the Celtics, too. 

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Over the years, that team has gotten more and more criticism. Yes, they had a good run in 2008, but they fail to replicate that success in the following seasons. They lost to the Lakers in the 2010 NBA Finals before watching LeBron James start his domination in the Eastern Conference playoffs in the following years. 

As you can see, even Celtics fans don't like what they do, but nobody can take that NBA title away from them. And, as we write this, they're probably thinking 'haters gonna hate.'