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Kid Cudi Denies Spilling Drink That Almost Caused Steph Curry To Slip And Get Injured: "That Was Not Me!"

Kid Cudi Denies Spilling Drink That Almost Caused Steph Curry To Slip And Get Injured: "That Was NOT ME!"

Opening night at the Staples Center is usually a star-studded affair. Many celebrities who are Los Angeles Lakers fans come down to the arena to root for their team as they embark on the new season. The Lakers' opening game against the Golden State Warriors was no different, as a luxury list of celebrities was in attendance.

Many people like Adele, Jack Nicholson, and Floyd Mayweather were in attendance. But one celebrity that unintentionally became a talking point during the game was Kid Cudi. The rapper/actor was sitting in the front row, decked out in a 'Tune Squad' uniform from LeBron James' movie 'Space Jam: A New Legacy'.

During the Lakers showdown against the Warriors, a scary moment took place involving Warriors superstar Steph Curry. Curry took a shot that didn't go in. But as the rest of the players ran back to the other side, Steph slipped on the sideline, right in front of Floyd Mayweather and Kid Cudi.

Apparently, a fan had spilled their drink at the sideline. And it hadn't been properly cleaned. Luckily, Curry avoided injury, and got a slight cut on his knee, but was able to continue. 

One fan was confused about Cudi's proximity to the spill and questioned whether it was him spilling the drink that caused Curry to spill after he fell back to the side. But Cudi took to Twitter to clear up all confusion, saying that it wasn't his drink that spilled to this floor.

Cudi is a big fan of LeBron James, as he grew up in Cleveland. Growing up there, he saw the rise of LeBron James, a fellow Ohio native who took the Cavaliers to unprecedented heights. Since then, he has been a big and vocal supporter of 'The King', and came to support him at the Lakers game.

Despite avoiding injury, Curry was able to notch a triple-double and helped the Golden State Warriors defeat the Los Angeles Lakers. Even though he had great numbers, Curry spoke after the game and said that he felt he 'played like trash'. If Curry can improve on his performance, the Warriors will be contenders in the West.