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Kiss Cam Catches Wild Moment At Knicks Game

Kiss Cam Catches Wild Moment At Knicks Game

There's always a lot going on during an NBA game. Besides getting to watch the best basketball players in the world, fans can witness (and even partake) in various other small activities throughout the stadium

One of the most notorious of these activities is the infamous "kiss cam" that every sports fan is familiar with.

Usually, it spans no more than a minute and features different pairs of people who may or may not decide to smooch if their faces appear on the jumbotron.

Well, on Thursday, Knicks fans were in for a bit of a shock when a rather unusual scene unfolded on the kiss cam. In the short clip, a man is seen in the game with two women, who give him a peck on the cheek before kissing each other.

Considering how bad things got on the floor for New York, this little segment was exactly the type of thing distraction New Yorkers needed.

Needless to say, fans didn't let the moment slide without having a bit of fun.

Nobody knows the exact nature of their relationship but, hopefully, they are enjoying their social media fame for the night.

Looking back, it's hardly the first time a kiss cam has gone viral. In 2020, a pair of Raptors fans got caught in an awkward scene when pressured by the kiss cam to make a move. As it turned out, they were siblings, not couples, so it made for a really cringe-inducing moment.

During the height pandemic, the NBA actually got rid of kiss cam to avoid any unnecessary health risks. It's good they brought them back.

Unfortunately, the Knicks are going to need more than jumbotron shenanigans to fix their season. After another loss in Madison Square Garden, fans are rightly fed up with the performance of their team.

At this point, the Knicks seem to have taken some steps backward. Hopefully, the issues will get resolved soon enough.