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Klay Thompson Apparently Fell Into A Deep Depression After The Warriors Cut Anderson Varejao


There’s a lot going on with the Warriors these days.

Sure, they’re still the best team in the league. But they face yearly challenges just like the rest of them

In one such locker-room issue, Klay Thompson was even sent into depression. Here’s the story,via Amin Elhassan on the House of Strauss podcast:

"Someone told me that when Varejao got cut, Klay went into this deep depression and at that time, that was the first time that anyone on the team realized that that was Klay's best friend.

No one even knew until he got cut and Klay was all sad, and they were all like 'Oh snap, that's your boy?' And it turns out, that was his on the road buddy, they'd go to dinner together, and they'd you know, have a couple of drinks together and stuff like that." (54:14)

If anything, this bit of news shows just how fragile things can get. One executive decision by the team ended up having a direct negative impact on one of their star players.

Keeping everyone happy is impossible. It’s this example, and others, that prove it.

It’s also the reason why keeping and maintaining dynasties are so hard.

Maybe you shouldn’t hold your breath after all on the Warriors 100% earning that 3peat come this June.