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Klay Thompson Explains Why He Loves The Ocean: "I Think It Has Healing Properties A Pool Might Not Have... I'm Aquarius So I've Always Loved The Water My Whole Life."

Klay Thompson Missed 941 Days Because Of Two Major Injuries, But He Came Back And Played The Most Minutes For The Warriors In The 2022 NBA Playoffs

Klay Thompson is one of the most beloved players in the Bay Area after so many successful years with the Golden State Warriors. Klay has now helped the team win 4 championships during his time there and while he wasn't at his very best for the most recent triumph, he remains a vital part of the team.

During one of his post-game pressers in these Finals, Klay spoke about his love for the ocean in the Bay Area and he went on to elaborate on just how much he loves water bodies in general.

"It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. The Bay, you know, it can be cold, but when it’s one of those days when it’s in the low 60s and the sun is shining, I make it a point to jump in the ocean. I just think the ocean has healing properties that a pool might not have, or a cool tub. Just to be immersed in nature like that, it really makes me happy. Your whole body feels so great when you get out of that cold water."

"Honestly, you just feel a little closer to God when you look up at the beautiful skies and you’re just in the ocean. I’m an Aquarius so I just have always loved the water my whole life. It really is my happy place, besides the hardwood."

That sure is an interesting revelation from Klay and it is good to see him loving nature to this extent. He will have plenty of time to spend at the ocean now too, as the Warriors' players get some well-deserved rest in the offseason.

The title celebrations are probably going to go on for a while, but we are sure Klay will be back at the gym sooner rather than later. He spoke after they won the title about how difficult the last 3 years had been for him with his injuries and a proper offseason here will help him get close to his absolute best next season.